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"With a diversified twist on the paranormal and characters overcoming their heart breaking pasts, Blood Will Tell. . .  is a mesmeric tale...Good read for fans of paranormal ormance."
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Alyson Maguire lives in terror of the monster hidden within that has claimed everyone who loved her; condemning her to an isolated hell.

Rescue comes when she is placed in the safekeeping of Spirit Wind Ranch, a facility for psychically-enabled youth. But in sheltering Alyson, the ranch finds it is now haunted by the darkness trailing her.

Only the knowledge held by one man can save the girl -
but no one knows he exists.

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When Allie Jo's family sets out to move to New Mexico, she finds her dream of being a real cowboy isn't quite what she thought it would be.

Trailing in the drag position behind a herd of Longhorns, she learns about dust, tedium, storms, and stampedes.

But none of that is as hard as keeping her secret from a young cattler drover.

Allie may be riding as a boy but her heart is still all girl.
Five-year-old Cole Howard was torn away from his family when he was taken captive during an Indian raid on his family's farm. In time, Cole came to love his new family.

Then soldiers came to take his Indian family to the  reservation and return Cole to his birth parents. But the white man's way of life was no longer his. Lost between two lives, he set out on the journey to outrun his past and maybe find his future.

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Allie Jo carries two dreams in her heart, neither of which is settling down to act the part of a proper

 She is working hard to  rope and tiedown one but the other is as elusive as the wind blowing across the barely tamed New Mexico Territory.