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Minerva's Maneuvers
By Heather L. Nelson

Minerva's Maneuvers is a truly engaging read for adults and children alike emphasizing the beneficial influence of pet therapy in managing disruptive hyperactive behavior.

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In the tinder-dry Southwest, three roommates-students at Deep Canyon College, known for its radical politics-are looking for love, adventure, and the promise of a bigger life that led them West.

But when the FBI comes to town in pursuit of an alum wanted for "politically motivated crimes of property," rumor has it that undercover agents are enrolled in classes, making the college dating scene just a bit more sketchy than usual.

Katie, an incoming freshman, will discover a passion for activism that will put her future in jeopardy; Jenna, in her second semester, will find herself seduced by deception; and Rell, a senior, will discover her voice, her calling, and love where she least expects it.

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Seasons of the Wild:
A Wildlife Center Mystery

When a troubled boy comes to 13-year-old Morgan's family wildlife sanctuary for community service, he drags a mystery into her world that threatens Morgan, her friends, and the animals. Theft. Vandalism. Kidnapping. Can the supernaturally inclined Morgan figure out what's going on before someone really gets hurt? Can she muster up enough magic to help a boy she's not even sure she can trust.

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